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$50,515 paid to winners so far 
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As of 04/26/2017 21:36:12 PST
Rank Name Points Photo
1 Mark T.
Willard, Ohio
5918838 Mark T.
2 Steve R.
Marinette, Wisconsin
5593648 Steve R.
3 Marian S.
Willard, Ohio
5411784 Marian S.
4 Roger S.
Willard, Ohio
4193752 Roger S.
5 Louise T.
Montreal, Canada
3318178 Louise T.
6 Rochelle O.
Kentwood, Michigan
2947313 Rochelle O.
7 Sakis G.
Athens, Greece
2618684 Sakis G.
8 Mario P.
Montreal, Canada
2468052 Mario P.
9 Rene S.
Penacook, New Hampshire
1523428 Rene S.
10 Uschi C.
Fuerth, Germany
1439902 Uschi C.
11 Doug D.
Oakdale, California
1353626 Doug D.
12 Lenny F.
Bronx, New York
1039120 Lenny F.
13 Gary F.
Willard, Ohio
807810 Gary F.
14 Cliff G.
Tacoma, Washington
789865 Cliff G.
15 Jubal V.
Bronx, New York
783186 Jubal V.
16 Peter H.
Uppsala, Sweden
720794 Peter H.
17 Ulrich W.
Reutlingen, Germany
634382 Ulrich W.
18 Rex H.
Manchester, Connecticut
579994 Rex H.
19 Rhay H.
Powder Springs, Georgia
536758 Rhay H.
20 Diane A.
San Francisco, California
534000 Diane A.
21 Luiz Antonio B.
Campo Mourao, Brazil
526108 Luiz Antonio B.
22 Jim K.
Scurry, Texas
511240 Jim K.
23 Wolfy D.
New Ulm, Minnesota
483139 Wolfy D.
24 Larry N.
Mansfield, Georgia
442808 Larry N.
25 Joey P.
Montreal, Canada
419668 Joey P.
January 2016 point leaders share $60 in Amazon gift cards!

How To Win:

Enter a contest, refer friends, or vote as often as once a day. Earn enough points in your account to reach the top 25.

Final standings close Sunday January 31st at 11:59PM Pacific Time.

#1 top point leader will win a $20 gift card.

Two members of the top 25 will be randomly chosen to win $20 gift cards.

See below for all the ways you can rack up points.

Hey check out the many ways you can get points and increase your chances of winning monthly sweepstakes prizes.
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Refer Your Friend 500
When You Register 100
When You Vote Each Time 50
When You Leave Comments 2
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