babylou (10/14/2015 17:38:07)
Your voice is so beautiful and sexy!!!
Lyse-ann (10/15/2015 19:11:17)
Great animation and music !
ben35 (10/18/2015 13:22:40)
Wow!!! This is really a nice animation!!! And very original!! The song is a good mix of rock and electro music!!Best of luck my friend!!!
onceupon (10/24/2015 02:02:53)
Thanks! I was a lot of work! :) But also a lot of fu! :) peace
onceupon (10/24/2015 02:04:12)
francoiscoutu (10/24/2015 13:08:34)
Rock on guys !
Supercoco (10/26/2015 17:26:18)
Hey that's an amazing video!!! And yes... your voice is so sexy!!! Good luck!!! ;)
VERO61 (10/28/2015 13:33:31)
Votons pour ce duo qui est excellent ! allez hop hop on vote encore et toujours