Song - Male Solo Artist : January 2016, Sean the Kid, online contests and Web-to-TV Talent Competition
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Song - Male Solo Artist : January 2016
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Category: Music  >  Sub Category: Songs   >  Round: Final   >  Match: Match   >  End Date: 01/20/2016 12:00:00
Sean the Kid Kansas City, Missouri

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Breathing Slowly
One breathe in. I'm ready for an exit.
My suggestions may have been too excessive.
I've heard sections of lectures but never took in the message.
I tell every life's a possession but for me it's a question.
In peace I wanna rest in. I wonder if he's just testin.
Class has been in session but I can't follow the lessons.
My inner thoughts are getting messed wit. Can't escape. I'm left in.
I haven't been this way for years. I'm gettin self aggressive.
What Im stressed with is what I'm dealt with. Nothin to help.
It's evolution for me to get rid of what I've felt.
It's harder to tell. This isn't the attention I attend in.
My attendance, theres no reason for my existence.
I feel loneliness is what I spend this. Only I'm goin in this.
I feel fate is creeping in and it's about to end this.
I try to just breathing in and breathing out.
I'm surprised I'm breathing now. Idk what I'm needing now.

I sometimes feel like I should be leftovers after hearin the horn.
I'm already shredded. I might as well be left torn.
My other mind isn't worn out. It's hard to ignore now.
Idk what the future holds but he hasn't stopped from warning me now.
I've been worrying now from what's been occurring. What the signs been given to me.
I don't want my family know this so I keep it to secretively.
I don't need any sympathy. I just got another being livin in me.
His message keeps sending to me. Don't know how but it's gettin close to end for me.
I take one night as a nightmare. I'm stared.
From fates glare. I'm takin to fates lair.
His voiced being blared so I can hear it everywhere.
My life isn't always wooo. So don't call me rick flair.
I got no med care. No solutions. My elucidation illustrates a vivid image but no answers are in place.
It's possible that I'm just goin down flowly til I lie.
I'm gradually failing. Breathing slower slowly til I die.
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