Song - Male Solo Artist : November 2015, Andy Fhiyahshua Jackson (J.M.P. RECORDS), online contests and Web-to-TV Talent Competition
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Song - Male Solo Artist : November 2015
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Category: Music  >  Sub Category: Songs   >  Round: Final   >  Match: Match   >  End Date: 11/19/2015 12:00:00
Andy Fhiyahshua Jackson (J.M.P. RECORDS) Kingston, Jamaica

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Krazie Lov (Acoustic)
Krazie Lov (Acoustic)
-Written by Andy Jackson

Hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm

-Verse 1
You're so genuine, royal feminine
Keep me floting, the wind beneth my wings
Especially when you caring, you daring
Officially, i got to tell, you're amazing

Day by day no haste , nor force.
Now we're glad, nature take itS, course
My arms wide open, door never close.
For you Claudette my Black Rose'

Krazie over you, ah ahhh
Baby baby it's true.
Your lov got a hold on me
as the world can see it's evIdently
Madly in love with you
Krazie Krazie Lov
Though we're far apart, you're in my heart
Lov to read your thoughts, you're so wise and smart
You're my queen, my Igel my Godess
Your lov would make I the gladest

Natural in beauty, you know your roots
Well dignify, and that is the truth
Mrs Jackson I give to you
Only if you say I do


Devine lov, will never die
Devine cemistry, will never die
Devine lov, will never die
Devine cemistry will never die




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