Music Video : September 2014, Peter Holmqvist with Jaromi Draziewsky, online contests and Web-to-TV Talent Competition
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Music Video : September 2014
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Category: Music Video  >  Sub Category: General   >  Round: Final   >  Match: Match   >  End Date: 09/28/2014 12:00:00
Peter Holmqvist with Jaromi Draziewsky Uppsala, Sweden

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I can't afford working
I can't afford working

There are many things in this world I can do
always know where I'm going to
Living my life with just about enough
there's just one thing that can piss me off

That I can't afford working (3X)
because of the rules of the dole.

Some people have problems getting around
Hard to stand with their feet on the ground
And others who can stand on their feet
struggling for their lives to make ends meet

They can't afford living (3X)
living on the dole.

For every hour I work they withdraw the dole
They seem to think that I'm a fool
I know you don't believe when I'm telling you
For one hours work they withdraw two

So I can't afford working ( 3X)
Stupid rules of the dole.

Somebody's got to do something clever here
A bastard made these rules I swear
I get better paid when I sleep all day
Sorry boss but I'll stay at home today

Cause I can't afford working (3X)
there's gotta be a change
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