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Rap Battle : September 2014
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Category: Music  >  Sub Category: Rap Battles   >  Round: Final   >  Match: Match   >  End Date: 09/25/2014 12:00:00
Insolence Vancouver, Canada

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Anger of Existence: Racism
What you've witnessed just now is just part-of-my hypnotic induction

My Rap Name is Insolence,
I got the sickness of a True Rap Artist, to RULE
So let me introduce to you, MYy nature and MYy existence

my anger is righteous so let me get down religious
it's all in us, it's hideous crowned in innocence
let's explore the insidious and push aside the RE-diculous
it's all this mess that's getting people DIStressed


invite in the exorcist, scissor out all manequins,
redefine emotions and motives defining our existence (3 syllables)
uncover the killer in all our righteous motives
and put the line between the truth | and the FAke supportives

(Evil Grin -) Biitch

(Evil -) Yy-ah

Painful memories from old are now like canons-
My words put powder to flesh, your best memories to rest
what you exhibited before now gets out of this psyche with zest
7 years of silence, emotions explode in Monstrous Mess

Breaking thru bricks of walls and prisons and thought-
seeing thru mental media tricks of liasons and trust-
Shift of perspectives in the general populace now,
will entice the payment of price of your previous ignorance, it sucks

A flesh of your brain is now stuck in the rain
lost talents and skills are all memories of pain
-Zeitgeist of minds no longer caters your gains,
I create new worlds-as KING! all enter my reign.

A GEN-er-RATION of no lifes and no fucks given,
Words of NOW -we've never thought we'd be be-lieeeaaving,
Create words and rhymes that makes stories re-written,
Alter lines in men and women, via hypnotic conversation.
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