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September 2015 Winners
August 2015 Winners
Congrats to the August 2015 Make A Star winners.

Best Song: Fhiyahshua “One Day”

Jamaican artist Fhiyahshua has been recording and performing reggae music since he was a child in the 1970s. Inspired by reggae greats like Bob Marley, Mighty Diamonds, Burning Spear, and Buju Banton, he has recorded songs in many of the same Kingston studios used by his heroes. He wins this month’s Best Song contest with his first Make A Star entry.

Music Video: Bluerays “Say”

From Bangalore, India, Bluerays aka Keerthi Srinivasan aka Keith Jackson is a pop star equal parts Bollywood and Michael Jackson. Delivering songs with bright pop hooks and modern dance rhythms, fills his music videos with dance, drama and fun. This is his sixth Make A Star music video win dating back to 2012.

Female Solo Artist: Banderuola “How Can I Mend My Broken Heart”

British singer Banderuola scores her first Make A Star win with this retro-cool pop ballad.

Duo or Band: BAMIL “I Hear A Voice”

Bamil Gutierrez is the Puerto Rican force behind this month’s Duo or Band winner. A singer, producer, arranger and engineer, he finds time to pen songs for other artists when not working on his own band’s music or authoring his book “Pasajes Del Alma”.

Instrumental: Crogman Studios “Monks Sorrow”

Crogman Studios is the brainchild of veteran electronic composer Craig A. Hadley. Based in upstate New York, he has been making dark ambient music with his virtual studio since 1990. With sonic influences like Pink Floyd, Enya and Enigma, his dark ambience creates “moods to move your inner personality”.

Rap Battle: Nolan Fred “Arcano”

Boston rapper Nolan Fred wins his first Rap Battle monthly title with his webcam performance. He earns a spot in the next Rap Battle Playoff.

Sing in 30 Seconds: Suraiya

Las Vegas singer Suraiya wins her second cappella singing contest this year with another Mariah Carey classic, hitting the notes to “Fantasy” that earns her a spot in the next Sing in 30 Seconds Playoff.
July 2015 Winners
Congrats to the July 2015 Make A Star winners.

Music Video: Demian Grace “What Have We Done With Us?”

All the way from Siberia, Russia come Demian Grace, an indie rock and folk act fronted by singer, guitarist and principal songwriter Roman Olkhovka. This is Demian Grace’s second Music Video win and first since July 2013.

Best Song: Dianna “When the angels came”

Diana Judelson is a singer in the classic pop tradition, with vocals full of passion and sumptuous melodies. From Latvia, she has been singing since age 6 and has appeared live in a number of countries including Moldova, Armenia, England, Israel and the United States. “When the angels came" earns her back-to-back Best Song titles.

Rap Battle Playoff: morphman

Morphman is a rapper from Birmingham, England. He takes the $100 rap battle playoff prize with this piece of UK grime.

Sing in 30 Seconds Playoff: Farah

From Las Vegas, Farah wins the $100 a cappella playoff with “Take Me Away” by John Legend.

Duo or Band: Bristol Kids “Alice Springs”

Keri and James Walsh are the Florida pop rock duo Bristol Kids. Blending classic American rock with British pop and Canadian country music, Bristol Kids craft catchy guitar tunes.

Instrumental: Mario Pompetti “Solitude in Jude”

Canadian composer Mario Pompetti is an artist with 15 albums released, and is well known as a heavyweight in film scoring and music production for film and TV. His music is a blend of genres, delving into elements of electronic dance, jazz and hip hop.

Male Solo Artist: Luiz Antonio Bergonso “Meu Velho e Querido Imigrante"

Brazilian Contemporary Christian artist Luiz Antonio Bergonso comes from an Italian-Portuguese migrant family with many spiritual musicians and singers. His father was a church organist who taught him music, learning to play guitar as a child. His first Make A Star win translates as “My Old and Dear Immigrant”. Luiz is a popular live musician in his home of Campo Mourão in southern Brazil.

Rap Battle: Malicain

Big Spring, Texas is the home of Malicain. Giving us some country-influenced hip-hop that recalls Kid Rock, he wins his first rap battle title.

Sing in 30 Seconds: Kerri Powles

Kerri Powles visits us from Brecon, Wales. She wins her first a cappella title singing Bonnie Raitt’s “I can’t Make You Love Me”.
June 2015 Winners
Congrats to the June 2015 Make A Star winners.

Music Video: Serg Osipenko “You”

Sergey Osipenko is a Ukrainian singer and songwriter of EDM and pop music. His songs are not simply incendiary dance rhythms, but filled with emotionally moving lyrics. Elegance, grace, and mysteriousness personify his style. “You” is an excellent dance club track with a slick, exciting music video that’s won him his second music video title this year.

Best Song: Dianna “Always”

Dianna is a singer in the classic pop tradition, with vocals full of passion and sumptuous melodies. From Latvia, she has been singing since age 6 and has appeared live in a number of countries including Moldova, Armenia, England, Israel and the United States. “Always” earns her first Best Song title.

Male Solo Artist: Stefan Baiatu “Let love!”

Stefan Baiatu was born in 1950 in Galati, Romania on the shores of the Danube river. He composes instrumental and vocal music on piano and synthesizers, creating songs that span traditional folk music, pop, and dance. He has shared many excellent songs with us on Make A Star and we’re happy to announce his first win for “Let love!”.

Duo or Band: Peter Holmqvist with JoPil “Please don’t tell me”

Peter Holmqvist is a Swedish guitarist and composer raised on the blues-influenced rock of The Rolling Stones and Neil Young. Playing guitar with a high level of technique is not easy, and Peter overcame years of pain in his hands and arms with persistence to master the intricacies of blues guitar. While still holding down a day job Peter has played live with several bands and composed his own songs on both acoustic and electric guitar.

Instrumental: Travis Lemmons “Serenade to the Moon”

Travis Lemmons was born in 1984 in West Milford, New Jersey. Raised on piano and electronic synthesizers, he composes instrumental music that ventures through classical, dance, and ambient textures, often drifting into dreamy, ethereal sounds. “Serenade to the Moon” is a darkly melodic piano piece that earns him his first Make A Star win.

Rap Battle: morphman “grime uk”

Morphman is a rapper from Birmingham, England. This is his second Make A Star win.

Sing in 30 Seconds: Farah

From Las Vegas, Farah wins her first a cappella title by singing “Take Me Away” by John Legend.
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